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Want to get the best out of your jewellery? Here’s how you make sure your à la main by Margaux jewellery will last a lifetime.


Care tips.


  • If you are not wearing your jewellery store them in a cool and dry place, preferable a box with a fabric inside or pouch.

  • Avoid applying perfumes, creams, lotions etc directly on your jewellery.

  • Keeping your jewellery on in the shower? No problem, water won’t tarnish your pieces. Just know that long exposure to water can cause the shine to diminish. We do recommend you remove it in salt water or chlorine.

  • Although water won't tarnish your jewellery, soap or other beauty products might. Avoid bringing your jewellery in contact with these types of products.

  • Remove your jewellery before working out or exercising to prevent breaking.



How to clean your jewellery.


Clean your jewellery by placing them in a bowl with lukewarm water. With a soft cloth clean the beads and pearls when drying. Incase not all the dirt was removed try soaking your jewellery again and then with a soft toothbrush gently scrubbing.

Be sure to fully dry the piece(s) and store them properly in a jewellery box or pouch. 


To remove any light scratches gently polish with a jewellery polishing cloth for gold jewellery.



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